Victoria Sayce

In her professional career, Victoria has accumulated extensive experience in marketing, event planning and has dipped her toes into a plethora of creative disciplines. Her business acumen is rivaled by a wit so sharp you could peel your potatoes with it. She has worked alongside an impressive portfolio of companies, like JVC, Amazon Local and Gigwise. This has left her little black book swollen with enough industry contacts to intimidate a power-suited eighties socialite.

Victoria brings a wealth of experience with various online and print publications to the table; editing, curating and writing content for magazines and websites—a skill which she has honed to perfection over the years. The time she invests in organising and promoting others means the cleanliness of her desk space leaves much to be desired.

Victoria’s guiding hands are just what small businesses need when they take their first steps into the professional world…when they aren’t beating the life out of her keyboard, that is.

Daniel Olivier-Argyle

Rising quickly through the creative industry ranks lead Daniel to all manner of opportunities not available to the average creative professional. His soft, colourful, dreamy artistic style has earned him children’s book illustration commissions, and his flair for animated videos has seen him sought out by brands like Paperchase.

Daniel boasts a determination and vigor that is, quite frankly, frightening. Never done it before? He’ll come back the next day a proficient expert. As well as grappling with the illusive creative beast, Daniel also has his skills rooted firmly in the commercial world. Experience in brand creation, print and digital marketing, and web design make him well-armed to launch a company or individual into the stratosphere.

Committing to working with Daniel is a commitment to ultimate perfection—he can often be seen agonising over colour palettes and squinting at his screen to attain pixel perfection. His effortless smarts make him enviable to many of us mere mortals. Just try not to hate him for it.