"Hello world"

Welcome to the S&A News Blog! It’s lovely to see you. The fact that you’ve found your way to our domain means that you’re interested in what we at Sayce & Argyle have to offer, and that means that hopefully we’ll get to see you in person some time soon (great, we love meeting new people).

But in case you’re someone who’s just stumbled across us from a Google link or the like, and are still trying to work out what we’re all about, here’s a little more about us.

After over a decade of being ‘creative types’ in a world of bottom lines, and being forced to jump through ever more ridiculous hoops by a string of hapless and hopeless middle-managers, Victoria Sayce (words) and Daniel Olivier-Argyle (pictures) decided it was time to put up or shut up in their belief that they could do it better. So an idea was born in a little pub in Central London (where all the best ideas happen). A Creative Agency dedicated to Creatives. Genius! Well that’s what we thought after a couple of pints anyway.

But of course creativity comes in many forms, so we decided to divide and conquer.

Savant is our dedicated place for brand building. Whether you’re an inventor with the next great lifestyle gadget, an illustrator starting a line of greetings cards, or a fashion designer dreaming of catwalk shows and your own boutique, we want to help you and your business thrive and grow.

And well, we love music, and thanks to the Sayce half of the partnership spending one of her past lives as a dogsbody for the lovely folk over at the International Live Music Convention, we know a fair bit about the industry to boot. So Fahrenheit is a one-stop shop for all a new band or artist’s promotion, PR and online needs. The only thing we don’t do is book your gigs - we figure you’re better at that sort of thing than us anyway. We will however move virtual heaven and earth to find you fans to fill those venues.

So that’s us. And this blog is where you can check-in to find out what we’re up to business wise.

But if you want to give us a try, head over to the Savant or Fahrenheit websites where you’ll find shovel-fulls of fun facts and information and the best ways to get in touch.

Bye for now.

Sayce & Argyle.